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Design Probes for the Airplane Design Probes for the Airplane Design Probes for the Airplane

On 06, Apr 2018 | No Comments | In | By admin

Design Probes for the Airplane

During the Air[craft] workshop I invited the participants to explore a range of design probes as stimuli to stir reflections on feelings of transitions and stimulate their imaginative thinking. The probes were designed with a certain level of an unfinished element that creates room for reflection on a sense of self. A variety of materials and forms has been explored to give participants options to freely choose the ones that speak to them most. 

A series of six design probes (Comfort me, Chew of familiarity, Neither Here nor There, Parts of Me, Parts of Me and You, Untitled pieces) were given to the participants during this event for completion on the plane. The probes were aimed at understanding how the participants felt when journeying back to their country of origin – and then returning to the UK. That pushed me to create methods for this particular context and that was bespoke for the participants. The objects offered alternative ways for the participants to reflect on their experience of transition and how this affected their sense of who they are, as well as to trigger their imaginative thinking on ways to support the transition in an emotional and personal way through examples of digital jewellery. Read more about the probes in the paper Staged Atmosphere: The Air[craft] Workshop 


A certain level of unfinished element leaves space for participants to add their reflections.

The ambiguity in the form of the probes supports imaginative thinking.

The handcrafted nature of design probes was an asset that participants valued, fostering a relationship of trust.

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