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Magazines – Documenting research through design Magazines – Documenting research through design Magazines – Documenting research through design Magazines – Documenting research through design

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Magazines – Documenting research through design

I use magazines as a method of documenting and sharing research outcomes during my practice-based doctoral research. The concept is demonstrated through a number of “ issues#No Magazines ”. This method takes into consideration the nonlinear and messy process of design research and offers an alternative way to communicate the knowledge embodied in the design process and the practical process of artefact creation.

The printed format includes different themes and issues related to jewellery, the digital technologies and the sense of self.

Issue#01 Digital Jewellery – Pushing the Boundaries
This issue opens the conversation on existing examples of digital jewellery in order to reveal its limitations and its potentials in our lives. The issue takes the form of a dialogue with myself and other practitioners interested in the area.

Issue#02 Corpo[Reality]
This issue is about the body. This issue is a critical investigation on the role of the body in contemporary jewellery practice and digital jewellery realm.

Issue#03 One Week in Dundee
This issue is about design explorations. In this issue, I present my design process during the time I have spent at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in Dundee. This issue is an exploration of materials and concepts.

Issue#04 Being In-Between
The issue is about transitional experiences. In this issue, I present a series of self-reflective practices and the Air[craft] workshop to explore the transition of going home and ways to support it.

Issue#05 Sea Pottery
This issue is about broken tiles. Inspired by one my participants’ fascination with sea pottery pieces, I conducted short interviews with people to get their reflection on such objects. The insights of the interview are presented on this issue. The issue was given back to the participants to instigate further her reflection on transitions.

Issue#06 My position on Digital Jewellery

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