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Silversmithing Techniques Silversmithing Techniques Silversmithing Techniques Silversmithing Techniques Silversmithing Techniques

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Silversmithing Techniques

I have an inherent interest to explore materials and craft practices. I trained as a silversmith for 2 years and in my early work, I used traditional techniques such as lamination, filigree, reticulation, and repousse.

Jewellery – Silversmithing Techniques

I studied at Mokume Art School in Greece between 2011-2012. The pieces I made during my studies shows influences from architecture in their form and geometry. The designs reflect my personal understanding of space and the relationship between jewellery and the body at the time.

Contemporary Jewellery competition (2nd Award)

In 2012, I took part in the 10th PLE competition for Contemporary Jewellery in Porto, Portugal. The challenge of the competition was to redesign a traditional masterpiece with new materials and the overall desire to connect the past with the future. Keeping in mind the words of Lavoisier, “In nature, nothing is created and nothing is lost, everything is transformed”.

Some of the finest examples of Portuguese craftsmanship inspired my design. The pair of earrings with the traditional shape. The piece is made of plexiglass and film images of Portuguese women wearing traditional pieces of jewellery. The photographic film, as a chemically reactive material, records a fixed or still image when the film is exposed to light, revealing our past and our traditions.