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Togetherness: Two connected brooches Togetherness: Two connected brooches Togetherness: Two connected brooches Togetherness: Two connected brooches Togetherness: Two connected brooches

On 07, Apr 2018 | In | By admin

Togetherness: Two connected brooches

Togetherness is made up of two brooches, meant for two wearers in two countries (see  Each brooch works as data logger. The act of pinning the brooch on the body activates the piece, recording the time when the piece is worn. Such data logged is stored in a Micro-SD card inside the piece. This data is later used by an artisan to create a third piece that represents times when the two brooches were worn simultaneously.

This piece is made of multi-coloured layers of resin, which can be cut through to reveal the layers within. Similar to growth rings which shows the age of a tree, the pieces represent the relationship between two people over time.  The research argues that connecting people in indirect and non-intrusive ways can support personal relationships, creating seeds for conversations that can act as icebreakers within the relationship.

The brooches are made from a single found tree twig. The twig was cut into three parts; two parts were used to create two brooches and one for a different third brooch. The form that hosts the electronics is 3d printed with a wood filament. The 3d printed wood form was chosen as a visual contrast to the physical wood, but also as a compliment to the digital function of the piece. The technology is not hidden in the piece but is a visible part of it. The pieces are similar, but not the same; the 3d form has slightly different colour, and the twigs are slightly different in shape and colour. There are slight deviations in each to give each piece a unique form, but at the same time reference to two different parts of the same whole.