Northumbria University

The Air[craft] workshop was set up at the Aviation Academy in Newcastle, near the Newcastle airport. The workshop took the form of a theatre performance where I acted as a flight assistant and invited three participants to explore a range of design probes as stimuli to stir reflections and stimulate imaginative thinking. The probes helped participants to reflect on notions of home, relationships with their body and others and the potential of digital jewellery to support self during the transition. The probes were designed with a certain level of unfinished element that creates room for reflection on sense of self and invite people in imaginative thinking. A variety of materials and forms has been explored to give participants options to freely choose the ones that speak to them most. A level of sensibility while working with material and empathy are considered important elements on my creative palette


  • A certain level of unfinished element leaves space for participants to add their reflections.
  • The ambiguity in the form of the probes supports imaginative thinking.
  • The handcrafted nature of design probes was an asset that participants valued, fostering a relationship of trust.

The design probes introduced during the Air[craft] Workshop