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Exploring meaningful interactions with digital jewellery.

Logo design for the Journal of Jewellery research

Me&My mother – A piece of digital jewellery

My Personal North – Prototype for a piece digital jewellery

Togetherness: Two connected brooches

Exploring ideas for digital jewellery with Jude: The train workshop

Silversmithing Techniques

Topoi – a piece of digital jewellery

Travelling with the Sea – A piece of digital jewellery

Design Probes for the Air[craft] Workshop

Dialogical Sketching: A method of capturing feelings of transition

Explorations and Thoughts

I mostly post things that inspire me!

Life Drawing Class

18th May 2018 By admin

2018 at the Mushroom studios, Newcastle

I attended life drawing class to better understand human proportions, get inspired by a new area and a new activity and relax my mind from my phd by doing something physical.

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Interview with a pilot

25th March 2018 By admin


The interview opens up themes related to personal experiences of transition between home and a destination.

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Fuck I am Moving

25th February 2018 By admin

“Fuck I am Moving” is a poster that reflects my feelings of moving from Denmark to the UK in 2014.  It shows a part of moving box, which represents my moving process from the one place to another.

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