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I am design researcher and lecturer in the field of digital jewellery. I work across design, craft and technology and my methods of working are rooted in participatory design and material experimentation.

Tide Connection: A piece of Art Digital Jewellery

Media curation to support Ongoingness

The Ethical Roadmap

Dialogical Sketching: A form of autoethography

Book Illustrations to support St.Oswald Hospice

Exploring the Private IoT through Found Physical Interactions

Sketched-collages: Capturing lived experiences

Making Objects as Emotional Responses

Knittistruments: Exploring creativity in knitting

Hide & Seek piece: Working with thermochomic inks

Let it Go piece: Forms explorations

Art Digital Jewellery: Practitioners' Perspectives

Making Microfilms for Digital Jewellery

Logo designs

Microcosmos – a piece of digital jewellery for the plane

My Personal North – Prototype for a piece digital jewellery

Togetherness:Anthos and Chronos brooches

Exploring ideas for digital jewellery on a train

Silversmithing Techniques

Topoi – a piece of digital jewellery

Travelling with the Sea – A piece of digital jewellery

Design Probes for the Airplane

Lunar Poles: An interactive lamp

Using the format of magazines to documenting Research Through Design

Explorations and Thoughts

In the search of the Found: My faschination with found objects

On 9, March 2020 By Nantia Koulidou

Found objects fascinates me and the search in itself intrigues me. Found objects have their starting point and they become “hybrid artifacts” merging their existing narratives with my practice as a design researcher and jeweller in the field of interaction design and HCI research. They seek to tell stories about their history, their materiality and the specificity of the place where they were found. We just need to pay attention!

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Space/Craft. An Eye into Stephen Bottomley's Praxis. Exhibition Review by Nantia Koulidou

On 17, November 2019 By Nantia Koulidou

The Space/Craft exhibition is the journey of Stephen Bottomley’s praxis presented as a timeline of his experiences with different places, materials, techniques and textures. Traces of his craft practice offer numerous answers on how he copes with changes in space and time by questioning the connection between what is familiar and rather traditional and what is unknown or rather new.

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Life Drawing Class

On 17, May 2018 By Nantia Koulidou

2018 at the Mushroom studios, Newcastle

I attended life drawing class to better understand human proportions, get inspired by a new area and a new activity and relax my mind from my phd by doing something physical.

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